Thursday, December 26, 2013

One Word Wrap Up


At the beginning of the year, I chose to participate in a One Word challenge. The idea was to choose one word that would be the focus for all my endeavors for the year. I chose the word IMAGINE! It is such a rich word for me.

  • What would I imagine would become of the book I wrote?
  • What would I imagine the man who ask my oldest daughter to marry him would be like?
  • What would I imagine my first grandson would look like?
  • What would I imagine going to my first writer's conference would be like?
  • What would I imagine our Christmas would be like? 
  • What would I imagine for the next year and all that the Lord has for me there?
There was so much to consider and meditate on that the Lord had for me. And even in all the things I could hope, think or imagine, He still had far beyond what my mind could dream up. It has been a great year of imagining, catching the vision He has for me, and growing closer to Him everyday. 

Did you choose a One Word this year? I'd love to hear about your One Word, too!
It isn't too late if you didn't do that in 2013. You can make a decision NOW, today, to choose your own One Word for 2014. 
ON New Year's Day, I'll reveal my One Word for 2014!!


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