Monday, February 9, 2015

Are You Focused on What You Think You Can't Do?

Seeing What God Sees

This month at church we are reading the book of Mark. Last week I read about Jesus calling the disciples. Some were fishermen and other tax collectors. What I found so interesting is that the Word never says they questioned Jesus when He commanded them to follow after Him. All around the group of men others were questioning who this man (who had a following of thousands) was. 
Through the next few chapters, Jesus commanded the disciples to do things, like cast out their nets even though they had been fishing all night and caught nothing, go to this city and find a fish with a coin in its mouth, and so on. But they didn't question Him! Jesus saw things in these men who would be world changers not just in their day but for generations to come. 

That's how Jesus chooses us, too. He sees in us things we cannot see or that we cannot imagine ourselves. Our job is not to try to figure out how we could accomplish this or that or to reason our way out of why we just can't do what He's calling us to do. What God sees is the whole picture of our lives and He has planned everything out for our good to be of benefit to the Kingdom. 

When you feel the Lord calling you to do something that seems impossible or that you aren't sure makes sense, don't question Him. Instead, be a willing participant in all that He has for you!


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