Monday, February 16, 2015

Fear: Thinking the Bottom is Going to Drop Out

Have you ever felt as though things in your life were going so very well that you knew something bad was waiting around the corner? Maybe I'm the only one. This feeling seems to wash over me about this time every year when we receive our tax refund. We plan strategically for what we will spend that money on and then it starts...the feeling that all of this is too good to be true.Well, that is fear!

First of all, God blesses us with things that we have need of as well as things to help us along in our callings. He doesn't change His mind on things, but we change our perspective on how we view things we are given. We forget that it was God who freely gave all things. We become possessive over those things, and yes, sometimes we need to be put in our place by our Father God. But the fear that things will be taken away as punishment or that good comes before evil is just silly thinking.

I had to take authority over those feelings that something bad was coming because of the good I was seeing happening in my life! God is love and He is not the one who kills, steals or destroys! Satan has that position. And you can take authority over that in your life, too.

When things are going well in your life, you may have trials because Satan does like to try to destroy the blessings the Lord had given you. Don't mistake that for the bottom dropping out! God is the author of your life and He knows the beginning from the end. It isn't over until He says it's over and it's not over until you WIN!


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