Monday, March 9, 2015

Believing What You Read

If you're like me, you read the stories of the Bible and look on them as lessons. Maybe of what TO do in life and maybe of what NOT to do. We believe the Bible is a living manual, the very Word of God to us. But how many times have we read a Scripture, even spoken it out, but maybe we didn't wholeheartedly believe what we were reading would or COULD happen?

May I encourage you with this one phrase from Mark 11:22-23...

I understand it is difficult to believe that the Lord wants to restore our relationships, bring us from poverty to prosperity, or even heal us completely from chronic sicknesses and diseases, especially when we constantly see the dissolved marriages, overdrawn bank accounts, and regular reports of widespread sickness. But if we fix our eyes on Him and understand that Jesus took not only our sins and shortcomings on Himself but also our sickness and disease, then we can walk in the knowledge that we can cast off Satan's hold on us in those areas!

God gave us the authority to overcome those areas of lack, destruction, and stolen things in our lives! But it's not enough for us to possess that authority, the power of God's Word spoken. We must use it for it to be effective! And don't keep going back to what you see going on in your life. God has sent the solution to your situation and it's on its way!!

Speak reconciliation over your life (Romans 5:11). Speak prosperity over your life (3 John 1:2). Speak healing over your life (Isaiah 53:5, 1 Peter 2:24). There are many more verses to speak over these common areas where Satan tries to kill, steal and destroy us, but these will get you started. Start speaking the Word and believing it NOW!

Read the Word, speak the Word and believe what the Lord says in His Word WILL COME TO PASS!!


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