Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday 'Fess Up

Every Thursday, my children attend a supplemental school to give them opportunities that homeschooling alone cannot offer. Things like musical theatre, choir, music lessons, certain academic classes, and computer programming to name a few. The kids are there at the school for 8 hours and when I pick them up, I can't wait to spend time with them! I truly miss my children when they aren't with me.
The school they attend that one day a week is about 30 miles from our house, so I do get to spend time with my older daughter, too. But I miss when my chicks aren't all together and I look forward to when we get to talk about the day on the drive home.
Some people think I'm strange for wanting to be with my children all the time. But it's what's in my keep them all close to me.

What things do you enjoy most about your time with your children?


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