Monday, April 6, 2015

Expecting Opportunities

Last week my oldest daughter and I were grocery shopping. A woman came up to us to admire my grandson and we found ourselves in a conversation with this woman about veteran's benefits. Well, that eventually led to us discussing the country's need for God once again and to my surprise, this woman agreed! I shared the three Scriptures in a nonchalant manner and she was very receptive. She then told us she prays every morning that the Lord would be with her and he's answered prayers in ways she never thought possible. It was a nice, brief moment in the coming together of two believers, and it was an opportunity to trust the Lord and share His love with a total stranger.

I've begun to make it a point to ask God to give me more and more opportunities to share His love and the gospel and come to expect that at some point in my comings and goings, I'll run into a stranger who needs to hear or to be encouraged like the woman in the grocery store. These opportunities often don't take much time and it will build your faith in the Lord in the process. All we have to do is be willing to start speaking.

As you go about your week, whether a regular week or Spring Break, ask the Lord to bring opportunities to you to share His gospel and love. Someone needs to hear your story and only you can tell it!


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