Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Homeschool Hump Day Encouragement

The school year is nearing an end...unless you're a year-round homeschooling family. But how do you know if you should school during traditional school months or if working on lessons year-round is best? Well, you don't really know until you try it and transitioning into summer is a great time to try.

There are a few thoughts on how to do year-round schooling, but I prefer to simply start a new textbook or workbook once one of my kids finishes the old book. This way, they continue the learning process and do not have to spend the first part of our schooling year refreshing the information they had learned at the end of the previous text.

Another option is to take off a month of school two or three times a year instead of taking all three months of summer off at one time. Again, the reasoning with this process is that there is greater retention of information and less need for remedial instruction of skills.

We tend to do a little bit of both. We take off all of June and all of December in homeschooling year. This is because we often have family reunions, Civil Air Patrol events, or other obligations during each of those months. It's just easier to give our attention to those things that cannot be altered than to try to maintain the chaos of a much too busy schedule.

Whatever options you choose to do with your family and in your homeschool, know that you are making the best decision for your own family. It doesn't have to look like my family's homeschooling year or anyone else's. Homeschooling is not cookie cutter education but rather individualized family schooling. You've got this homeschooling, Mama!!


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