Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday 'Fess Up

Have you ever experienced the goodness of the Lord and want to share so badly, but you know that your friends are in the midst of trial so you really want to share the blessings you've had...but you don't want to make them feel worse than they already do in their present situation?

Have you ever been the other person in the trial and on the receiving end of the good news, but felt something rising up inside you that made you feel maybe a sense of jealousy, being slighted that you're not receiving a blessing, or offended by their happiness? (Just me?!)

The Word says that in every trial we need to count it all joy (James 1:2). It also says, "Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion, in the day of trial in the wilderness (Hebrews 3:8).

Believe me, I know how tough it is to see others receiving, especially when it's unbelievers that seem to prosper, achieve and accomplish things you are trying to do! But the joy of the Lord is our strength and we don't have to be jealous, envious or desire what they have because what the Lord gives us, in His time, is going to be greater and better than what we see others receiving because it will be chosen just for us at the right time, right place, and the right faith-frame of mind!!

Be a faith superhero and hit those feelings with these powerful verses that will boost your faith until your breakthrough comes!!


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