Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday 'Fess Up

Today's 'fess up is about music, specifically Christian music. Lately, I've been troubled by the lyrics to a recently released song from a popular group. The lyrics are talking about a husband and wife's marriage and how they're both broken. But what the song says beyond that is that "maybe you and I were never made to be complete....the only way we'll last forever is broken together."

Maybe it's just the way I interpret things, but I believe Jesus makes us complete through His sacrifice on the cross! That got me to thinking about some of the other Christian songs I have been listening to. One says "you must think I'm strong enough to give me what I'm going through..." If I'm going through something bad, I don't believe God GAVE that to me and He certainly doesn't push me to the point of hitting rock bottom, as the song goes on to say. Lastly, there is a song with lyrics that proclaim that He (God) gives and takes away...While I do agree that He gives us favor and blessings and He does take away pain, the condemnation of our sin, I do not agree that He gives us things and takes them away. 

I'm trying to be more intentional in what I listen to and what I allow into my mind and ultimately my spirit because I know it does affect me and my attitude, behavior, mood, etc. So this week, listen more intently to the lyrics of the music you listen to. What are they speaking to your spirit? Are they building you up or tearing you down? Do they reflect your values and morals?

Maybe it's time to alter your playlist!


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