Monday, December 5, 2016

What Are You Saying About YOU?

I am a believer in positive affirmations. Ever since I took a class back when I had my first baby, I was convinced that speaking good things over my children would be beneficial to them later in life. I also used that same technique, if you will, with my husband, encouraging him in the pursuits and goals he had for our family and for himself as the head of our household. But I forgot about the one person many of us women neglect to consider--ME!

How often do we go without so our kids can have something more, something better? How often do we make sure everyone else is taken care of? How often do we long for time to ourselves only to be called to kiss a boo-boo, stifle a conflict, or soothe a crying little one? How many times have we felt defeated as moms, feeling as though we're lost in our homeschooling or parenting?

I came across a perfect treasure at a local thrift store and before I knew it, I had set it in the cart with my other purchases. I call it my "Reminder Glass." It reminds me of all the things I am or at least that I strive to be. And most importantly, how God sees me.

Some of the words on the glass include:

Just saying those words and speaking them over my life, out loud even if I'm the only one who hears them and believes them, is so empowering to me! It's a way to remind myself that just because I had a bad day doesn't mean I'm a bad person, doesn't mean I'm not loved, and doesn't mean that God doesn't see me as those wonderful things anymore.

What positive things do you say about yourself, especially when you've had a particularly tough day?

God's mercies are new every morning! Believe it, receive it by faith!
What happened today doesn't define me. Only God can do that!

Have a blessed week!


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