Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday 'Fess Up

This week, we had some challenges. Financial issues, personality conflicts, offense, and pride tried to come into our lives. We looked at the issues first. Then, we turned to the Word of God. You see, as we begin moving toward those things the Lord has for us, Satan tries to corrupt and steal them away from us.

Many of you know of my passion for vision boards. As a part of women's ministry in my church, I'm hosting a vision board party. Well, as soon as those plans were decided on and announced, my family was immediately attacked. It's in these times that it is important for us to stand on the Word and to confess His promises to us!

So we confess:

It matters what you do when trials come your way or when you are being attacked by the enemy. As Christians, we stand on the Word of God and fight in the spiritual realm with the Word of God. It is then that He is able to dispatch His angels and fight on our behalf. We just have to put the Word--His Word--into action!

Have a blessed weekend!


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