Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Homeschool Hump Day Encouragement

Helping Your Homeschool Students Find Their Calling

I will never forget the moment when my oldest son came in to talk to me, tears in his eyes. “Mom, I’m scared. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do when I finish high school.”

It was a genuine concern he had and one I’m sure a lot of other high school students share. One moment they are happily learning and enjoying the homeschooling life. The next, it is time to decide whether or not to attend college, join the military, or begin an apprenticeship.
There are so many options available to our children when they finish. And, of course, we want to help guide and direct them, not add to their confusion.

This is when we need to take some time out of our schooling day and pray for our children. That is what we have done with each of our children, and our four oldest children are well on the way to pursuing their dreams. It is such a wonderful thing to see!

We want to pray that the Lord would show them what He created them to be and do for the Kingdom. Ask Him to give them dreams and visions. Pray that they would be filled with passion for that dream and vision. Pray that they would have favor with the people they are around daily, that will guide them toward their dreams and visions. And most importantly, we want to be intentional in our prayers and make time to show our children that their futures are of value to us, too.

Whether your children are nearing the end of their homeschooling journey or simply feel a tugging toward a specific profession in life, it is not too early or too late to begin praying with your children for their futures!

Joel Osteen said, “The calling on your life is irrevocable. Your shortcomings, your failures cannot undo the plan that was ordained for you.” Our children have been predestined for great things. Let’s pray with them now for the irrevocable call of the Lord!

Have a great week!


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