Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday 'Fess Up

I have made a decision. It affects not only me but my family, my friends, my co-workers, and my readers. I have made a decision that I needed to make. That will change the course of my life. And today, I am sharing that decision with you.

On Thursday evening, renowned evangelist, Dr. Jerry Savelle, and his motorcycle club, Chariots of Light, came to our church. The message was nothing less than powerful and encouraging, truthful and empowering. At the end of the service, Brother Jerry asked for people to come forward who had been battling quitting, quitting anything in our lives, so I went forward for prayer. As Brother Jerry began to pray, he spoke these words over me:

(C) Super Mom the Illusion
I have decided that I am not going to quit anymore! Not going to quit writing, not going to quit working out, not going to quit eating more healthier, not going to quit seeking Him first! I will stand. I will not quit. I will not compromise, and I will win!

This word isn't only for me! If you've been struggling with quitting lately, take ahold of those words Brother Jerry said and claim them for yourself and your life, too! Decide for yourself--TODAY--that you will no longer quit! I pray the Lord would bring you clarity to know if that is something you need to work on, and that you would be willing to take ahold of all He has for you if you just persevere a little while longer!

Have a blessed weekend!


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