Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Faith Leaps--Book review

Is This You. . .
Do you believe God has placed a purpose and plan in your heart for business?
Do you need help channeling your passion into profits?
Are you scared to death to pursue the plans you believe God has placed in your heart for business?

This book helps readers to focus on their passions, explains in practical terms how to take a leap of faith and trust God with the passions He's given us, and ways of profiting from those passions-turned-income-potential!  What I liked was how Alyssa backed up each section with Scripture.  Passions are a part of God's intricate handiwork in our lives and He gave us those talents and passions for us to use them.  I also found it very helpful to see ways of incorporating social media, blogging, writing, products, press releases and more!  Alyssa stresses that in order to succeed, each one of us needs to understand the risks and be ready to accept them to fulfill a goal or dream.  One of my favorite parts explains how we can know our specific gifts, talents, and skills through Max Lucado's "S.T.O.R.Y."

This Book is for You If . . .
You’ve Ever Considered Taking . . . A Leap of Faith
You wish to FIND or FOLLOW your Passion
You wonder . . . Why Not Just Get a Job?
You Just Want to Be Heard
You Know You Have What It Takes
You Have Considered Choosing to Follow Your Passion and Purpose . . . Even if it Scares You to Death
You Want to Shine
You Just Want to Share a Message that You Feel Strongly About
Deep Down Inside, You Just Want to DO IT!
You Want to Feel Connection With Other Moms Who Are Like-Minded
You Wonder . . . How Will I Balance Everything?
You Are Concerned about the Money
This book is a wonderful and highly beneficial addition to your Kindle library!

"God has placed that dream inside of you, and it’s okay to follow it."--Alyssa Avant

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