Friday, March 15, 2013

Heading to Inland NW Writer's Conference!!

I am so excited for this conference for a number of reasons!
First, I get to travel with my husband!  He's a photographer and seldom has the opportunity to spend time honing his skills.  While I am in session, he will venture out around Spokane and Coeur 'd Alene doing nothing but taking his time capturing the beauty God has put in this world.
Second, I get to meet so many wonderful people that I have been talking with on Facebook!  Many of these people have offered advice, prayers, and been a great armor polisher for me in my faith walk and as a writer.  Next, I am attending my first EVER writer's conference and taking a big step in my writing career.  My passion was given over to the Lord and HE is orchestrating the direction and path I am on with all of this.  It has been so awesome to see what He has in store for me and I am grateful for this opportunity to build my sisters and brothers up in the Lord and to learn new ways of mastering my writing skills.

Finally, we've been talking about vision boards over the past several months.  Well, each of these things are things ON my vision board!  The Lord is so gracious and merciful by allowing these goals to be accomplished through HIM!

I will try to Tweet and post Facebook updates throughout the conference, so be sure to follow those.

Twitter:  @suprmomillusion

Be blessed!!

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