Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Fess Up: Better Late Than Never...

This afternoon, I had an opportunity to sit and reflect on my week. I must confess that I had many things on my mind this week with regard to my work with Civil Air Patrol. We had our regular meeting, but I was teaching a leadership class which I rarely do. Then on Tuesday, I was trying to gear up for our squadron's trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming for Cheyenne Frontier Days' Air Force Thunderbirds presentation.
I fully expected to write my blog posts through the end of the week, but before I finished, I realized I hadn't written them...when I was already up at the air show. I felt as though I had let all of you down, and I am truly sorry for not getting Homeschool Hump Day Encouragement out this week. For next week, I'd like to know what encouragement you can share with us to get us geared up for starting the new school year.
So my fess up is that I failed this week. I didn't meet my own set deadlines. But next week is an entirely different week! One that I can strategically plan for and not let you all down again!

His mercies are not only new every week, but they are new every single morning! Praise God!!


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