Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday "Fess Up"

I tried this about two months ago, and I just did not follow through with it. I apologize for that, but I do want to get back to checking in with each of you each week!
So, every Friday we are doing a "'Fess Up." This is one place that we do not judge others but rather support each other in all that we are going through. This is the day we will confess to our sisters in the Lord how our week has truly been!

What I want to know is how your week went! 

  • Did you have some unexpected successes? 
  • Maybe you fell short on a school day. 
  • Do you need help or encouragement in a certain area? 
  • Have an idea to share that changed your homeschooling? 
  • Was your week less than perfect? 
  • Hormones got you feeling up one minute and down the next? 
  • Would your husband say you nagged him this week? 
  • Did your devotional time and time with the Lord in general increase this week? 
  • What victories did the Father give you? 
  • Do you have something to share to encourage your sisters?

This is where I want us to share all of those things!! No limits, but I will moderate rude comments. That sort of thing just isn't allowed here.

This week I want to encourage you to keep pressing on! No matter what it is you are going through, the Lord sees it and He has your solution on the His perfect time! I needed to hear this myself this week as I sat wondering how I could better help my husband provide for our family. I want to help, really I do! But I get so exhausted just thinking about running the house and then turning around and going to work on top of that. But the Lord showed me He has better things in store for me! One reason it seems so tiring even before I think about going into corporate America is because I am already working! I write a daily blog, contribute to two other blogs, write my books, take online college classes (I start my last one on Monday!), homeschool, I am the Women's Ministry leader at our church, I'm on the social media team at church, and I am a wife and mother. Anyone who doesn't think that is work, needs to, as the old saying goes, "walk a mile in my shoes"!!

Your home life may not look like work to the outside world, but lady, you ARE working and doing a great job! Keep at it and keep pressing on!!


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