Monday, July 14, 2014

Why Do We Pray? Part Two

Last time we talked about why Christians pray. New Christians are often taught to pray and to ask God for things through prayer. But as we learn more about our prayer life and its necessity in our walk with the Lord, we realize that it is a daily communion much like time spent with friends. The more time we spend together, the more we get to know our Father intimately.

We understand prayer is communication between us and God. Looking at the Strong's Concordance, it also refers to one's complaint, talking, babbling, meditation and thoughts in the Old Testament Hebrew references. In the New Testament, it is the intercession, request and vow. With this knowledge, we pray for things beyond ourselves. We make intercession for family, friends, the lost, communities, particular people groups or even whole countries. We vow, through prayer, to be willing vessels to be used and we meditate on the character of the Lord and all that He has for us.

When we pray, we do so knowing He can change our current situation and refresh, restore and redeem us instantly. We pray out of the love we have for the lost. We pray that His love would be developed in us. We pray also because He gave us the ultimate way to proclaim that we are servants to Jesus and desire His will in our lives. And through this one prayer, we have all we need:


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