Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Fess Up

I have to confess that this week, I struggled with forgiveness. Long story short, a friend of mine told me that someone was painting a poor picture of me and my husband. I knew the information was wrong, but I also knew that people who know me believed some of the information that was being touted.
I've cried over the situation feeling disappointed, hurt, angry, and embarrassed. I've talked to God about the things that were said and He reminded me of one of our church's "10 Benefits of the Favor of the Lord" that our pastors wrote out a couple of years ago.

(C) Captured Memories 365
I realized I don't have to get upset! I don't have to be embarrassed! I don't have to be angry or disappointed! I just have to give it to the Lord and He will fight for me!


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  1. And now the truth has come to light! God has worked it all you can move forward.....❤️