Thursday, September 11, 2014

Satisfied...but Restless

Okay, okay. The title is a bit off. You see, it's not that I'm restless because I'm not satisfied with where I'm at in life. It's more that I know there is something more coming and more that I should be doing! Today, I realized why I'm restless about some things in my life and calling: I haven't really done anything to move to where I want to be!

Since this is the anniversary of the planes that were taken over by terrorists and thousands of innocent people were killed, I've been thinking about those men and women who were restless to get back control of the aircraft they were in. And how they didn't hesitate to rush the terrorists, run into a collapsing building, help people who were trapped and put their lives on the line for the sake of others.
I think of the families that were left behind and how they didn't hesitate to begin creating foundations and organizations to help those who were affected during the attacks. They sought out means to provide for those who were in need. That's what I want to be able to do, too!
Image by Jodi Cotten

I don't know all the answers to the questions I have: Where do I start? How can I get moving toward my goal? Is this part of God's plan for my life? What if no one is interested in what I'm trying to do? And the BIG question: What if I fail??

But you know what I've come to realize? The reason I am restless is because God put something in me to fulfill that goal, that dream, that vision. And until I am heading more confidently and specifically in that direction, I will remain restless. So I will take my own advice from last week and I will make a list of things that I can do to start moving in the direction of my vision!

The last thing I want is to become stagnant in my striving for my goal!

Have you decided it's time to take action and move toward your vision and goal? What can you do today, this week, this month that will propel you toward that goal? Now GO and DO!!


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