Monday, September 8, 2014

Stop Wishing and Start Moving Toward Your Dream

Have you ever wondered why some people are living their dreams while others only wish they could do that? I used be like that. I used to see women starting their own businesses and writing books and speaking to MOPS groups and creating new curricula, and I thought, "I wish I could do that!"
As I've shared before, I have always enjoyed writing. It's one of my passions along with working with youth and women. What are your passions? You know God put those things in your heart to be used in some way to touch the lives of others. He gave you a purpose that only you could fulfill and a story to tell that only you could tell that would reach a specific person or group of people. Consider this: someone is waiting to hear what you've got to say that will touch them in a profound way.
Many years ago I met two of my dearest friends at separate women's retreats. The retreats were in Orlando, Florida and here I was a mom from Colorado attending these events. God orchestrated our meeting so that I could hear their messages (each very different, yet very similar!), and He put us together for a particular reason.

Beyond a vision, what is your passion and what can you do today to continue moving toward that passion becoming just a "wish I could do that" to "I'm living the dream God gave me"? Write out a list of things you can do and choose one a day, a week or a month to accomplish. Maybe you can call that one person that God has put on your heart to disciple. Maybe you will draw and sketch, write, journal, start a blog. Maybe you create a "5 years From Now" plan to keep the goals and dreams you have on the front burner of your life. Do whatever you can to move forward!


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