Monday, January 26, 2015

One Word Can Fill Your Life with Surprises!

This year, I chose a word to help me stay focused and to intentionally direct me in my walk with the Lord. My One Word is pursue, and that is what I strive to do as I go about my day. Sometimes pursuing the Lord or His will for me is a daily choice I have to make. As a mom, I get wrapped up in the routine of my life: make breakfast, do school with my kids, write blog posts, call a parent back whose son is interested in Civil Air Patrol. The list goes on and on. But pursuing Him is something I have to deliberately think about doing. I have to daily choose Him first and foremost as the day begins.

But what better way to start the day than to purse Him?! Today, our pastor was teaching about pursuing our passions in life, like writing, travelling, teaching, helping others. He said that if we submit to God and then pursue our passions everything will fall into place (Matthew 6:33). If we choose to pursue our passions without the Lord, He will pursue us until we turn back to Him. How cool is that? He wants us to choose Him so our passions, ministry, dreams and goals can be realized. But if we don't choose Him first, He'll wait for us and be right there when we're ready to run to Him!

Sometimes when I have errands to run, I ask my kids if any of them would like to go with me. Every once in a while I will surprise whoever goes with me by taking them out to lunch or going somewhere unexpected. I don't do that every time, but I do it because I love them and want to show them. God is the same way. He wants to surprise us! He doesn't do it every time, but He does it because He loves us (Matthew 7:11).

Let me leave you with this thought today from Job:

If you haven't already chosen your One Word for this year, I encourage you to do it soon. Allow the Lord to show you a word to guide your focus for your passion and all that He has for you this year!


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