Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Look

I'm sure you noticed the new design theme for Super Mom the Illusion. It was exciting to work with my middle son to create a new look for the blog and to get alone with the Lord to see the direction I should take with my readers.

I am going to be keeping some things the same and some things will change. You will still be able to read Homeschool Hump Day Encouragement  and the Friday 'Fess Up. Mondays will be dedicated to working toward our dreams, visions and goals and ways we can realistically move toward accomplishing them. I'm so excited about that because, as you know, vision boards and achieving our goals is my passion!


As we begin the New Year, you may remember that I post a word that will guide and direct my attitude, activities, and thoughts. I have been doing this now for three years through the One Word movement, and this year's word is one that I am super eager to share!
My One Word for 2015 is:

I chose this word because I realized that while the Lord is always there for me and will pick me up when I'm down, struggling through a storm or in need of His loving arms, His desire is for me to want to be with Him, to pursue Him in all that I do. I am pursuing other things that I believe the Lord has led me to and my husband and I are pursuing things as a couple. It is exciting to see this One Word already beginning to change the course of my life for the good!
Oh! And if you would like to choose your own One Word for 2015, please go visit my friend's Website: She will create your One Word to direct your year, too.

Post your One Word in the comments if you'd like! We can support each other in our journeys throughout the coming year!!


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