Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday 'Fess Up

Recent news events have had me feeling argumentative, challenged, and persuasive. They bring out that side of me that wants to fight with those who condemn one person while praising another. They see one side of things, not necessarily right or wrong, just not the whole picture. They want justice for events of years ago and cheer transformations of the world. I feel a burning, churning even, inside that tells me this isn't right!

But no matter how any of us thinks a situation should play out or who should get awards in this world, the rewards of the Father and the forgiveness and love He has for everyone are what are most important! I have grown so weary of those who feel it their plight to take up a cause...that doesn't even exist! I have grown impatient with Christians calling for repentance of fellow Christians...when they cannot possibly KNOW if the fellow Christian has already repented! I have grown irritated by the constant double standard for the sins of the lost and those of Christians!

 I posted on Facebook recently that "being a Christian doesn't mean I've NEVER sinned or that I won't ever means I've been forgiven, repented, and Jesus paid the price of my sin (Romans 6, for the wages of sin is death...). It means that my past is behind me and my focus is on what HE desires for my life..."

Billy Graham once said, "it is the Holy Spirit's job to convict, God's job to judge and my job to love." How then can we continue on this path? Yes, we should hold others accountable. But those within our sphere of influence are who we should begin with. Oh, that we would live our lives more like St. Patrick of Ireland, showing what living for Christ looks like instead of demanding this or that from others!


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