Monday, June 1, 2015

Never Too Late To Start!

This past month seems to have flown by. And I've realized that I haven't been spending as much time in the Word as I should or really as much as I've wanted to. The things of the end of the school year seemed to consume my days. I allowed myself to get busy, too busy to make time for God.

Although I didn't make it a point to spend time with the Lord, it's not too late to start making time, specific time, to listen to my Father God. If you've gotten busy the past few months and maybe missed some days or even weeks of devoting time to the Lord, you can start right where you are, right now. Change one thing at a time. Here's what I've started doing...

In the morning, I used to check Facebook on my cell phone. Now, I check my Bible app first. I get to read the Verse of the Day and infuse my spirit with the Word of God before I even get out of bed. I've also taken to getting rid of Facebook pages that aren't encouraging me in the Lord. Finally, I weeded out people on Facebook who I didn't really know and who weren't edifying my walk in the Lord and my values and beliefs. Those things are all distractions and they had to be eliminated in my life to make room and make time for God!

So consider what s distracting you from your time with the Lord. What can you delete from your life, your social media pages, and even your friends? It's never too late to spend time with him and becoming who He wants you to be. If you're going to start sometime, why not now? If you're going to start somewhere, why not here, right where you are?


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