Monday, June 15, 2015

When Your Spirit is Stirred

I've often read in the Bible of how a person's spirit was stirred or agitated or filled with joy. Until recently, I thought I had experienced that myself. But then I the Lord showed me I hadn't quite listened as I perhaps should have. It's important to also seek discernment when you begin feeling agitated in your spirit. Sometimes it's the Lord speaking to you and convicting you. Sometimes, it's His way of getting you to listen and act!

My husband had an doctor's appointment for his knee. It was an old injury, but started flaring up again. We entered the office and I immediately began to feel a stirring. It wasn't all that different than just feeling strange in a new surrounding. But the longer I stayed in that office, the more agitated I became! I immediately knew it was the prompting of the Spirit. I told my husband that I didn't feel right about being in that office and that I was going to sit out in our truck. Unfortunately, the feeling didn't subside when I went outside. In fact, it grew more intense.

My hands began to shake, and I felt as though I needed to leave the area and pray. I went back in only to give my husband his truck keys and walked to a local fast food restaurant. There, I opened the Bible app on my phone and began to read. Galatians says that what we sow, we also reap. But those who sow to the Spirit will reap everlasting life. It was a comfort to me because in that moment when I was feeling so agitated, I knew that my spirit was responding to God.

The Lord is speaking to us, especially in situations that we should steer clear of. Sometimes we get a thought in our minds that says, "Get out of there!" Sometimes it is an agitation within. Are you listening? Are you ready and willing to obediently act on the prompting of the Spirit or the voice of the Father? Don't hesitate and don't be afraid. Remember, He didn't give us spirits of fear but of power and love and of sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).


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