Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Homeschool Hump Day Encouragement

Thinking back to when you first made the decision to homeschool and seeing where you are now is a big difference, isn't it? You probably talked to that one friend who had been homeschooling for several years looking to her for answers and helping to show you that you could in fact educate your children at home. She listened to your struggles, gave advice on curriculum choices, and even offered practical ways of teaching your children. She mentored you in all things homeschool. And whether you realize it or not, you're heading in that same direction.

You probably know a mom considering homeschooling or a new mom who maybe needs some encouragement. If you think back, you've probably even talked to that mom and shared your struggles, talked about what curriculum you're using, and explained some of the ways you've worked with your own children to teach them certain skills or concepts. You're mentoring that mom! 

See, no matter where you are in your homeschooling journey, there's someone else who is farther into their journey than you and someone who is not quite where you are. This goes for all women, not jsut homeschoolers! Consider the Titus 2 women:

We learn more than just how to love our husbands and children and keep house. We learn from other women how to mentor other women! Remember, someone is always ahead of where you are, but someone is also where you used to be. Someone needs to hear, "It's going to be okay! You can do this!"


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