Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday 'Fess Up

I try to be very transparent when speaking about my walk with the Lord. I hope that is what you see here in my blog. This week I had a particularly challenging week. I felt as though someone was trying to take advantage of one of my children, and I intervened. That was my first mistake. This person that I believe is and was trying to take advantage of my son is also family. It was through a deal that was very ambiguous and my son was doing his best to walk in integrity...and he did. But I stepped in to battle this family member. That was my second mistake.

I began to turn to the Word and see what the Lord said about situations like this. I quickly found Matthew 18:23-34. This is the story of the servant who owed his king a debt, but couldn't pay. He threw himself at the mercy of the king begging him to not throw him in jail. The king had mercy and released the servant from his debts. The same servant then went to those who owed him debts and demanded they pay. When they couldn't pay, he had them thrown in jail and gave them no mercy. When the king heard of the servants actions, he had the servant sent to the torturers until he could pay his debt.

That was sure fitting for this situation, so I felt justified in standing up for my son even at the expense of my other family member.

Then I came across this verse:

The Lord will fight for me...except I didn't give Him that opportunity and stepped in to do it myself. My confession today is that I didn't have to do or say anything, but I did! God was going to take care of things on my son's behalf. But I blew it. But my God is a merciful God and even though I acted on my emotions, He works all things for my good.

If you found yourself doing or saying something this week instead of allowing God to handle it, ask Him to forgive you. And ask the person you acted out on or spoke out against to forgive you, too. I know next time I will remember Exodus 14:14 before I speak out!


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