Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday 'Fess Up

Last night our furnace failed to kick on. In Colorado, with temperatures in the teens and single digits at night, this is a big deal! I kept thinking that it was going to turn on any moment. I fell asleep a couple of times with this thought, but the heat never came on. The temps inside our home never got that cold, low 60s maybe, but it was the fact that my husband wasn't home to try things to remedy the problem that wore on me. 

My confession today is that I depend on my husband for things like this, to fix and look at and troubleshoot. As wives, we should depend on our husbands for certain things. My list may look different than yours, but our husbands, our partners in life, should be someone we lean on. 

The furnace is still not working, but my husband is home...and so is my son who just moved his family back to Colorado from Nebraska! Together, I'm confident the two of them will have our home heated, warm, and cozy once again! Prayers appreciated that they have favor in getting the furnace fixed and the heat restored SOON!

Have a blessed weekend!


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