Monday, January 9, 2017

Who Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?

Last week, I revealed my One Word for the year. As I meditated over that word just over the past few days, I realized there was a part I had never considered my word working in...ME! Now you might be thinking, "Of course that word will work in you! You're going to FLOURISH!" Yes, that's what I'm expecting God to do. But what I'm talking about is all of me--my weight, my appearance, my physical strength, the talents the Lord blessed me with, and more!

Perhaps only one other person (my twin) may know of a struggle I've battled throughout my life. You see, I am not bothered with what others think of me. That was hardly ever a struggle for me, especially once I finished high school. I struggled with a much greater person who was very critical of my appearance, my intelligence, and most importantly, my value. That person...was ME. Looking back, I can't even tell you why I was concerned about my appearance or any of those other things except that Satan used those lies to whisper in my ear. It wasn't that I thought about what others would think. I was critical of myself as though I was looking at me from the outside. Satan has a way of weaving lies into our everyday lives, but it's up to us to listen or refuse to hear anything from him!

I remember not too long ago trying on an outfit, asking my husband and children what they thought, getting their approval...and deciding I looked ridiculous. I quickly took off the outfit I had assembled and grabbed another, and the same scenario proceeded again. Why was I not satisfied with the approval of my family? What did they see that I didn't? More importantly, what did I see when I looked in the mirror?

I recently bought a book from a Christian motivational speaker. (Some of you know that I thrive on hearing what Terri Savelle Foy has to say!). Within it is a "pep talk" of declarations to say every day. The awesome thing about making declarations, whether good or bad, is that at some point, what you say, you begin to believe! To be honest, at first, I couldn't speak the declarations. I literally cried every time I tried to utter any of the words! But, as I brushed my teeth each day, I read and said them in my mind. As the days and weeks went by, something began to happen inside me. It wasn't merely just thinking or speaking these words. It was getting those words, those things that are not as though they are, that began to change how I see myself in the mirror and to God. I want to flourish in all areas of my life, and that is what has begun to happen to me--I'm beginning to flourish in the way I see myself!

Here are some declarations to get you started, too:

Feel free to print it out or add to it! Call those things that are not as though they are (Romans 4:17), and believe that whatever you ask for in prayer that you have received and it shall be yours (Mark 11:24)!

If you struggle with your own self-image today, I want to pray for you. I want you to see yourself the way God sees you, and I want you to believe it! You start believing that by making daily declarations and refusing to give into depression. I've been there, and I know how difficult that is. But I've also come out on the other side, and I know that what we speak can change us from the inside out if we will trust God and take that first step of faith uttering that declaration!

Have a blessed week, beautiful mama!!


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