Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday 'Fess Up

Last week, I told you about our furnace going out. Things weren't immediately resolved, and got even worse overnight. I could have let anger intrude on what God was already working out, and for a moment, I tried to push God out and tried to figure things out on my own. But God has much better plans and works all things to our good.

Needless to say, the furnace is heating the house again! Had my husband not received a bonus at work, we wouldn't have had the money to fix the furnace, but God provided. Even when things seem impossible or we feel like it's not something that we should bother the Lord with, He's already got the solution to our problem if we simply step back and let Him do what needs to be done.

My confession this week is that, while I am still working on it, I stepped back and let God provide the solution to this problem. And you know what? It was a better solution than I could have come up with, especially since I wasn't getting anywhere trying to do it myself. And how cool is this? This week, the Lord provided a supernatural blessing that essentially replaced the funds we had to pay out to fix the furnace! Praise the Lord! He's good all the time!!

What have you been trying to figure out on your own recently? What have you been trying to do in your own power not wanting to bother God in the process? Let go of your situation today, and let God provide the solution that He already has for your situation!

Have a blessed weekend!


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