Monday, January 2, 2017

One Word-2017

Good morning and Happy New Year, mamas!!

As promised, I'm revealing my One Word today! This year it was difficult to choose just one word for the whole year, though. In the past, the word for the year seemed to come as a gentle whisper from the Lord. But this year, I am hearing several words! Eeek! How do I choose just ONE?! Have you felt this way, too?

I thought I would share some of my choices for my One Word with you. Maybe one of these will end up being your One Word!

  • seek
  • gratitude
  • discipline
  • listen
  • bold
  • persevere
See?! Those are all really good words for the year, aren't they? Did one catch your eye? 

Yesterday in church, we heard a word spoken over 2017. It began with, "The faithful will flourish!" It was then that I knew what my One Word had to be. With this One Word, all those other really good words cause my One Word to happen! 
If I'm seeking the Lord, my spiritual growth will flourish!
If I'm expressing gratitude, my thanks will flourish!
If I'm disciplined, financially, physically, etc., my bank account and physical health will flourish!
If I listen, my relationship with the Lord and others will flourish!
If I'm bold in sharing Jesus with others, the Kingdom will flourish!
If I persevere in all that I do, I'll flourish!

Flourish also means:

What an exciting year this is going to be! I can't wait to see all that the Lord has for each of us in 2017! 

If you'd like to read the word from Dr. Jerry Savelle that says, "2017: The faithful will flourish!" click here.

As a reminder, if you'd like your own One Word banner like mine above, email me at: with your word and 2 color choices!

This is going to be a great year of FLOURISHING for us all!!



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