Friday, June 14, 2013

Get Lost!--Book Review

Finding True Love: Falling in Love with God

Raising daughters who love the Lord, dress modestly, and have a desire for a God-filled life and marriage is difficult with the luring of the world seemingly at every turn.  How can we ensure that our daughters will find true love in a world where divorce is the solution to unhappiness, lack of committment, and problems that could be solved through prayer?  Our daughters should Get Lost!  It's a great book by Dannah Gresh, founder of Secret Keeper Girl, an organization with a mission to reveal to girls the masterpiece God has made them.  
Dannah Gresh does an amazing job of helping young girls and women create a path to true love through the love of the Lord.  She doesn't cut down young men but rather explains the importance of being sold out to God in order to allow Him to bring love into young women's lives.  I wish my oldest daughter could have read this book, and I still intend of giving it to her so that she might evaluate her current relationship even now.
This book can be read solo or in a group with a leader's guide included.  The mission of this book seems to be to direct a woman's path of her first love being the Lord.  What better way to ensure that marriages are for a lifetime?!  
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