Monday, September 23, 2013

Are You Listening?

Tuning Into the Voice of the Father

Distractions are all around us.  We can't control them necessarily, but we can learn to tune in to the One who gives us focus, purpose and predestined us when He created us.  One big distraction we face is listening to the father of lies:  Satan!  
Our pastor recently taught on how we easily hear one little part of a lie and take it and make it something bigger...that we believe!  In Genesis, we read the story of Joseph.  After his brothers threw him in the pit and later sold him, they took his robe of many colors, smeared it with the blood of a young goat, and brought it back to their father, Jacob.  Well, those brothers simply asked their dad, "Do you recognize this robe?"  And from there, Jacob fabricated a mental picture of what probably happened to his favorite son, Joseph!  He only needed to see the blood on the robe and he created the idea that some wild animal killed Joseph--and he believed that for over 20 years!  What lies have you bought into that Satan whispered in your ear about YOU?  
Well, it is time to STOP listening to those lies!  God is not the one saying you have no future; you'll never accomplish your dream; you aren't good enough; or you'll always be stuck in that bad habit or addiction.  Satan is telling you that and it's up to YOU to stop listening to it!  You know, shame and guilt will keep you from your calling.  But how long are you going to stay there with that on you?  Jesus died to take away the shame, the guilt, the feeling of being inadequate to give you LIFE and life more abundantly!
Get in the Word and see what God says about you.  You are His beloved!  You are the righteousness of God in Christ!  You are no longer a slave but an heir and if an heir than a son of God!  
Tune in to the Voice of Truth and see what He has in store for you today!  Pretend HE is your favorite radio station or your favorite song and TURN IT UP!!!


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