Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Preparedness and Discernment

Get Ready and Be Ready

Greenway path behind Ken Pratt Blvd.
This weekend our family faced devastation in our town like we have never seen before.  We live in Longmont, Colorado where the rivers breached and flooded the town in epic proportions.  On Sunday, we were told to evacuate our neighborhood because a dam in the mountains that feeds into our nearby lake had failed.  We were given a limited amount of time to collect important papers and items before leaving.  I felt a peace about things as I quickly packed the kids' birth certificates, social security cards, my laptop, clothes and toiletries into a bag.  Two things crossed my mind as I hurriedly and practically packed:  1) how long might we be away from our home? and 2) what was the Lord speaking to me about this situation?

Since I had peace about this time of packing and leaving, I knew the Lord was in control.  We began to pray, called our pastors to stand with us in prayer, and created a plan for leaving and where we would stay.  I never felt completely that we would actually be leaving our home or that we were in any sort of danger.  I checked the city Website one more time before we left and the evacuation had been LIFTED!  We didn't have to leave!  The Lord protected us!  As we packed, we were getting ready and in being ready we were positioned to tune in to the discernment of the Holy Spirit as far as what was coming next.  That was followed by the peace of the Lord.

Cow pasture and farm land
We also had friends who were directly in the path of the flood waters.  Their house was UNTOUCHED!  Others around them had severe damage, but not that the couple.  They were prepared to leave if needed and they were evacuated for about three days.  When they returned home, they saw the destruction the flood had done to their neighbors' homes.  What a time to praise God for His protection over our friends!

When the flood waters of life come, get ready and be ready!

Included in the post are some pics from around our area.

Nearby golf course

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