Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 2001: The Day America Was Attacked

I remember the morning of September 11, 2001 in scattered details.  I had just finished nursing my nearly one month old son (the 7th child in our growing family!), and my sister called.
     "Are you watching the news?  Turn on the Today Show!  An airplane just hit one of the World Trade Center towers."
I quickly tuned in just as another plane circled around and hit the other tower!  I sat on my bed in disbelief.  My older children came and sat on the bed with me and we watched the events unfold.  The younger children ate breakfast and watched Sesame Street in the living room, oblivious to the turmoil and destruction that had occurred in New York.  My sons, older daughter and I were held captive by the sights on the news channel as the towers collapsed, reports of another plane impacting the Pentagon came in, and still one report much later of Flight 93 that had crashed in Pennsylvania and the passengers chose to try to subdue their assailant.  
     "We're taking back the plane!"  Words that spoke volumes of the level of threat those aboard were facing and that told of the determination of the people to do anything they could to protect our country at any cost.  They weren't soldiers.  They were business people, families, retirees, and patriots.  Oh, that I would have the courage if ever faced with that situation to take a stand as they did to not let an attacker reach his goal!
That day, all air traffic was grounded.  I remember how quiet the skies were and how plain and disturbing the sky looked with no white contrails from the commercials jets lacing them as I had come to expect.  It was a quiet and solemn day. 
As I thought back to that day and talked about it with my children, I realized the three younger ones had no clue what September 11th was all about.  Two years ago, my husband and I sat down with our five younger children.  The two older ones had some idea of what the events held, but we pulled up YouTube videos and watched the recorded newscasts.  We explained as much as we could and answered as many questions as we had answers for, but those three younger children (now 13, 12 and 10) will never fully grasp the impact and emotions and sadness of that day. 
Our kids 3 years after September 11, 2001. December 2004.
September 11th was a quiet day, but something happened to Americans in the days that followed. Patriotism grew and hit and all time high that hadn't been seen since World War II.  Unity sprung from the people of the United States and helping neighbors once again was a priority.  Men and women enlisted in our military to fight the unseen terrorist threats and take down those who were responsible.  God was called upon on a regular basis and church attendance rose dramatically.  These are the things I want my children to remember about September 11th.  That Americans returned to God; that sacrificing freedom for the freedom of the country was highly respected; that we can't live mundane lives and think we are immune to attacks; and that God is still needed in our country.

My prayer today is that our country not let subtle or elaborate attacks prevail, that we take a stand, and that God send revival to heal our land!  Let us PRAY!!

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