Thursday, January 30, 2014

Keeping Up With the Joneses

Stop Running on the Hampster Wheel and Start Living the Life God Intended You to Live

I remember when my older children were in public school before we made the decision to bring them home and school them at home. Peer pressure even at that age was intense. Buy this notebook, wear these clothes. It seemed to be a never-ending cycle:

Son: Mom, can I get these new DC shoes? All the kids at school are wearing them.
Me: Honey, we can't afford those shoes. Maybe we could get some that look just as nice.
Son: But mom, I'll be the only one not wearing these shoes!
Me: I'll see what we can do.

So we buy the shoes and in just five short months, he's outgrown them. So we budget to buy more only now we have a new baby to toss into the mix, and our budget gets even more stretched. Then we run into "Super Mom of the Year." She sews her children's clothes, feeds them only organic food that she has made herself and her house is immaculate! And the conversation turns to something like this:

 Me: Honey, if only I had a sewing machine. Then I could make clothes like Susie Homemaker does.
Husband: I'm not sure we have it in the budget to buy a sewing machine right now. Maybe after Christmas.
Me: But, Honey, we could save even more money if I make the kids' clothes. And all the other moms are sewing their kids' clothes...
Husband: I'll see what we can do.

See a pattern here? We feel the need to keep up with the Martha Stewarts of the world or the popular kids at school. But what we're really going after are things and status. We don't have to be like the other kids and wear what they wear. We don't have to be like the other moms and do all the activities they do until we wear ourselves out! We simply need to lean on the Lord. He knows all our desires, our needs, and even our WANTS! The Bible says we are called to live set apart lives (
As we begin to align ourselves with His plans for us, we will soon realize that Susie Homemaker was designed to do all that she does, just like I was designed to write, and like my sister was designed to teach. And even now, young mom with toddlers and preschoolers, you were designed to take care of your children. The Lord equipped you for that. You don't have to want what other moms have or do what they do. The Lord knows and He will supply what you need for your role right now!


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