Tuesday, January 28, 2014

TIP TUESDAY: Purging Sentimental Clutter

Our friends at Organized Chaos Online have been sharing with their readers about practical ways to purge all sorts of clutter in our homes: E-mail, clothes, kids' artwork and so much more. But what about all those things that sit in a box in the top of a closet or in a tote in a shed years and years since we have had any contact with them? Patti addresses way to purge sentimental items in a practical, compassionate way.

  • Use those items! Grandma's china, Great-grandma's favorite cookie press, Uncle Joe's hat collection.
  • Get rid of skinny clothes that you're holding on to for "when" you get that size again and plan to buy a new wardrobe when you do!
  • Display items you want to keep but don't want damaged.
  • Take pictures of kids' artwork since it's the memories of those pieces that we want and the photos can take us back just as the actual piece can.
  • Don't let anyone guilt you into getting rid of things you're not ready to part with!

Read more on the blog: Organized Chaos Online.

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