Thursday, January 2, 2014

One Word: A New Outlook on 2014

What Will YOUR One Word Be?

Last year I entered into a new challenge. A blogger friend challenged others to choose "One Word" for 2013 to live out throughout the year. As you may remember from my posts, my word last year was IMAGINE! I imagined what the Lord has planned for me with my blog, my writing, and my role in the Kingdom of God. I imagined my goals and that His plans for me are greater than the things I could ever hope, think or imagine!
This year, I decided to go beyond imagining what the Lord has in store for me or imagining what I could do or write or produce through my writing. This year I decided to be more intentional.
I want to be more intentional in my writing. More intentional in my topics for blogging. More intentional in the goals I set. More intentional in doing the things the Lord has called me to do for His Kingdom! So my One Word this year is: INTENTIONAL!

The last Thursday of each month, I'll post about how my month went. Was I intentional in my goals, my thoughts, my actions, my activities? Check back each month to follow my progress!!
Have you thought about choosing One Word? What's your word for the year? Share if you would like!


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