Thursday, March 13, 2014

Are You Really Willing?

Rising Up to the Challenge of the Call 

Recently I volunteered to head up a team to generate leads for an upcoming event to bring food and personal supplies to families affected by the floods in our community last September. We had a team leaders' meeting and the leader for the team who will eventually be going out and approaching these people challenged me with locating as much information as I could about the folks displaced or still hurting from the floods. At first, my eyes bugged out! Are you kidding me? I can't possibly do that! Then the Lord reminded me that He didn't call me to do this because I was particularly equipped to do it well on my own. But rather that He will equip me to succeed because I put my trust in Him that He called me to work on this team for such a time as this. I've been training to overcome lions in preparation for giants, and so have you!

I began thinking, am I approaching life thinking about only those things I know I can do and do well? Or am I unsure of my abilities, yet willing to be used by God because He called me for this job at this point in time? How often have I missed an opportunity because I only looked at what I could do in my own power and strength? This challenge is meant to train me and encourage me and test my faithfulness, I know. And I will rise to the challenge because I know that His plans for me and my life are far better than anything I could ever hope, think or imagine!

  • What have you tried to do in your own abilities?
  • What have you left fall by the wayside because you knew you couldn't do it and so you just didn't?
  • How willing are you to trust the Lord to equip you FULLY for the job, assignment or call He has placed on your life?
Say YES to the challenge today! This is preparation for the bigger giants you will face!


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