Monday, March 3, 2014

Ecclesiastes: Week Two

A Time...

This week's verse is Ecclesiastes 3:2-

Do you know you were born just at the right time in the right decade on the right day that God had planned for you? He intended you to be born to follow through with a particular purpose He assigned you. And jeremiah 29:11 tells each of us, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not harm you. Plans to give you a hope, a future and an expected end." He knows when you are expected to perish from this earth.
The next part had me thinking about what the Lord was trying to get me to understand. A time to plant and a time to pluck what is planted...First, let's look at the time to plant. That might mean when you feeling the Holy Spirit urging you to go talk to or pray for someone. You plant the seeds of being hospitable.  We also plant seeds with our words and when we plant, we expect that what we say is what our seed will produce. We do that with the tithe, too. There's lots of planting to do in the Kingdom of God, isn't there?
What about a time to pluck what is planted, though? Well, often I find myself saying things I really don't mean. How often have I caught myself saying something like, "My foot is killing me," "I'll never have enough money," "I'm not good enough to get that job..." Do you find that is true for you, too? These are some of the things we need to pluck up! We can go right to the Father and say, "God, I made a mistake. I didn't mean what I said and I dig up that seed of disbelief and doubt in Jesus' name!" It's that simple. 
So this week remember that you were born for a purpose. You have a planned time that you will come to the end of your life. There are opportunities to plant and sow seed into your own life and the lives of others. And there are things we have said or done that we need to go back and figureatively dig up. Your destiny that God had for you when you were born is set! And His plans for you are for good and not evil and to prosper you! So plant seeds of prosperity over your life and dig up those seeds that say you can't, you don't have enough, or you're not enough. You ARE a child of the King!


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