Sunday, March 23, 2014

Book Review: Awakening by Ralph Reed

In his book Awakening, Ralph Reed addresses whether or not it is too late to save America and what it might take to become the great country America once was. He tells about his first meeting with young Senator Barack Obama and Obama's decietful charm as a leader.

Reed concludes each chapter with "Action Points" in which to study further in the Word and ways to pray for our government and for a new Great Awakening for America. The book is steeped with our duty as Christians to be voices in government and to engage in politics and make sure their political parties' platforms align with the teachings of Christ and the Scriptures.
Reed finishes his call to awaken by giving six guidelines for being an effective Christian citizen and activist, citing that Christians should: pray, be informed and educated, become involved in a political party, build relationships with elected officials, join a public policy organization and persuade not preach. His final chapter sums up the overall goal of the Christian if there is to be hope for America: The Awakening Must Begin With Us!

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