Tuesday, March 11, 2014

TIP TUESDAY: Which Organization Website Should I Follow?

How to Choose Effective Methods of Cleaning & Organizing

Several years ago, I began following FlyLady. FLY stands for "Finally Loving Yourself." It was a wonderful concept. I would be emailed daily reminders of what section in my house to clean, what the main focus was for that week and the things I needed to do every day. The trouble was, I was running around quite a bit and wasn't home to do the things the emails said I should. I felt as though I was getting behind, so I quit. There were a few things that stuck like getting dressed to the shoes and making my bed everyday, but for the most part, I began to feel like a failure. That was NOT the intention of FlyLady! It was and still is very much the opposite!
I also began following A Slob Comes Clean. Now this was a gal I could relate to with cleaning my home! Everyday on her blog she discusses ways to simplify and declutter, but my big takeaway with her was to make sure to load and run the dishwasher everyday and do at least one load of laundry.
(C) Organized Chaos Online

Finally, one of the best Websites I have found for getting our homes organized and breaking free of the chaos has been our friends Patti and Tawsha over at Organized Chaos Online! Now these gals know how to simplify and make organizing fun, easy, and practical. Their site is currently being decluttered (they decided to take their own advice and clean things up a bit there!), but when you can, make sure you visit their page for ideas for those empty ketchup bottles, ways to decorate your home very inexpensively, and getting organized in the midst of the chaos that is often our lives.

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