Monday, May 4, 2015

When You Can't Explain It...

As Christians, we have a different "moral compass" than the world. We discussed that last week. You get ready to d something, say something or go somewhere and for some reason that you just can't explain, you don't feel right about it. Something inside keeps telling you that it's not right. From last week's post about the Holy Spirit, we know that it is God's way of keeping us in check. But what about those times when it's not you saying or doing something or going somewhere that you get that "this isn't right" feeling about? What do you do with that?

The prompting of the Spirit is often used to inform your children through you. Their hearing from the Spirit is not quite as developed as yours as their parent. Or maybe they are not yet of the age that they've made a decision to follow Jesus and make Him Lord over their lives. In this case, God uses you to say, "Now Timmy, is that thing you're going to do the right thing to do? God doesn't want you launching sister's baby doll into the trash can (or any number of similar things)." God also uses wives to speak up about that prompting, too.

Think about the births of John the Baptist and Jesus. God told Elizabeth first that she would bear a son, then He told Zechariah. God told Mary she would bear the Son of God, then He told Joseph. Each time, the women told their husbands (or soon-to-be husband), but then God spoke to the men. Wives tend to be more tenderhearted and hear from the Lord in a more intimate way. Now I'm not saying that if you feel like there's something your husband wants to buy and you feel a prompting from the Spirit that he shouldn't buy it that the Lord is going to send an angel to tell him that after you just did! I'm saying that you need to be confident to tell your husband that you don't have peace about the purchase, you feel an urging to not do this or that, etc.

When you get that feeling, that sense that "this just isn't right," don't shy away from speaking up and saying so. The Word says to be bold. It also says that God will put the law (the knowing of right and wrong) in our hearts and minds. If you don't have peace about something, pray about it, and then discuss it with your husband or your children. And even if you still can't explain why you feel this way, explain that it just doesn't feel right in your spirit. You are responsible for what you say and do and what you don't say or do, so even if you happen to be wrong, you are choosing to act on what you believe the Holy Spirit is saying.

Have a blessed week!


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