Monday, April 18, 2016

Death is Just The Beginning for the Believer

This past Friday, a dear friend from church passed away. She had battled cancer for almost a year. As I thought about her fight while getting ready for church on Sunday, I began to think that she had lost the fight against this disease. But the Lord quickly stopped me! You see, Jesus overcame death for you and me and my friend. And while we will miss her here in this life, we weren't made for this world! We were made for God's Kingdom, and that is our overall goal when our work here is done.

There is a song called "Temporary Home," and that is just what this life is here on Earth, temporary. Our work is all for the Kingdom of God. Our thinking has to switch to the things that are eternal. And this world is not eternal; Heaven is! We need to switch to Kingdom thinking and what that is like for us here and when our time on Earth is through.

This weekend as we say goodbye to our friend, we will remember that she is in the arms of our loving Father God, and as her husband says, "She's dancing with her dad, my dad, all her relatives, and she's got her long hair and a whole body again!"

Praise the Lord!


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