Monday, April 11, 2016

Where Are You Camped Out?

This time of the year, people in our state begin to think about going camping. Now I was raised in the south and camping wasn't a foreign thing to me. I just prefer to have running water and electricity, you see. (Can I get an AMEN?!)

Lately, I've been meditating on a particular set of verses. They refer to the rest we have in the Lord.

I've figuratively camped out on this verse, seeking the rest we have in faith that our situation, work, or issue already has a solution in Christ. Now, this verse isn't meant to imply that we should become lazy in our work and sleep all the time. Quite the contrary. We are called to exercise our faith and not simply try to do good works without faith. The Bible says, "...without faith it is impossible to please God..." (Hebrews 11:6).

When we meditate on the Word, or camp out there, it gives us opportunities to wait on the Lord, exercise our faith without doing anything, and be obedient to His Word.

But when we allow our minds to camp out on the situation or problem, we can't exercise our faith. We're camping out with what Satan is telling us! You can't pay that bill. Your paycheck is too little. You're not good enough. Why would you ever think you can do that?! Listening to this all the time will only decrease your faith.

MOVE YOUR TENT! Camp out in the Word instead!!

Ask yourself where you've been camping out. And if necessary, move your tent!


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