Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Homeschool Hump Day Encouragement

As a homeschooler of high schoolers, one thing that we always discuss with our kids is whether or not they want to attend college. For some families, this is not negotiable. For others, it is left up to the student. My husband and I prefer the latter.

Some of our children have attended college following their graduations. One son needed college to enlist in the military. One got a degree in automotive technology. Still another simply took a few classes to see what she thought and if it fit in with her lifelong plans. While another took another step in furthering her education following graduation by attending a non-traditional schooling path. One thing that we have considered, alongside our children as they make the decision for college or not, is if it will move them toward their vision, career, or life goals.

A college degree is definitely an investment in the future. As the days are fast approaching when the Lord returns, be mindful and prayerfully consider the calling on not only your child's life but on your life as a homeschooling mom. How can you help your child reach his or her goals for the future and for the Kingdom of God?
If your children are younger, begin praying for them and ask them what they want to be when they grow up. Continuing this tradition each school year will begin to form a vision, dream, or passion in their lives and help direct them as they reach high school.

They may choose college right after high school or they may wait. Determine what is best for your children with regard to college and begin to support them toward that goal!

Happy homeschooling!


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