Friday, April 5, 2013

Ninety Days--Twenty-five Percent of A Year

The First 90 Days

The first three months of the year are over now.  I can't believe all that the Lord has allowed us to accomplish in such a short amount of time!

How did your first 90 days of the year end for you?  
Did you start your vision board?  
Have you listed things and prayed about things to put on it?  
Have you taken the first steps in moving toward your vision?

My first 90 days included travelling to Washington State for Inland NW Christian Writer's Conference and preparing two of my books for publication.  These were THREE things on my vision board!  My friend and I have also been working to enhance and improve our women's ministry at church, another thing on my board.

My year so far:

  • travel to other states and write about their hidden treasures
  • attend a writer's conference
  • publish two books
  • women's ministry

Remember to consider what one thing, one step, can you take toward accomplishing something on your vision board today!

IMAGINE what you can do!!!

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