Friday, April 26, 2013

People in Our Lives

The Tapestry of Friendships  

Facebook is the technology for connecting friends, family, old high school friends, celebrities, authors, musicians, and so many other groups of people.  You can LIKE groups, pages, people and become friends with almost anyone who approves your friend request!  It's been so interesting to me to see how seemingly unconnected people are so woven together. 
Vicki Lucas, me, Ginger Work
In the past several months, the Lord has really placed me in the direct path of some very special people in my life.  Women and men I would not have met in my casual, daily activities in my small hometown, but that were orchestrated meetings through this great thing of social media through God's divine intervention.  And what is most exciting is that the people He's connected me with have something I need to hear, see, know, and glean from while using the talents the Lord has given me to be of some help to them.  It's my passion to help others anyway I can, and that is just what the Lord is allowing me to do.
Jan Cline and me
I also enjoy seeing how so many of my friends have friends connected to my friends, too!  My friend, Leslie in Florida, has a friend who is friends with my friend Susan in Washington.  Only God could do something like that.  My friend, Alllisia who I only know on Facebook and who lives in North Carolina, has a friend in Bell, Florida where my friend Mary lives.  
  • How many friends do you know like this?
  • How did you meet your Facebook friends?
  • Would it have been possible to meet them without divine appointment of the Lord?
Me and Cami
One of my now very good friends even went the extra mile to meet me--literally!  She was the girlfriend of my son's best friend in the Navy, and we chatted on Facebook frequently.  Cami was driving from Arkansas to Washington State to be with her sweetheart, and, although she had never made a cross country or mid-country trip alone before, she plotted and planned and surprised me by showing up at my house!  The Lord brought us together for a reason, and we've created a strong bond in just a few short months. 
Another friend I have recently reconnected with.  I first met Kerri and Ron at a Salvation Army women's retreat in Orlando, Florida back in 2007.  They were newlyweds, she was pregnant, and I just fell in love with these two hysterical comedians who live in Los Angeles.  Through the years, and via Facebook, we've kept in touch, and I am so honored to be their friend.  Kerri and her husband refuse to let Hollywood and the temptations of taking bookings and shows undermine their morals and values or dictate their Christian walk.  God put us together for a reason, too.  We were all in the right place at the right time!  
Kerri Pomarolli and Me
  • What if I had never gone to that retreat? Would I have met Kerri and Ron eventually?
  • Have I gone the extra mile like Cami to make it a point to see my friends face to face?
  • How many friends do you have that you know well, but have never met in person?
  • How are your friendships sewn and woven together by the Lord?
Remember, there are always people in your life who you are teaching, who are your spiritual peers, and who are teaching you.  This week consider those roles and how you and your friends fit into those!


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