Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stress Test--Book Review

STRESS TEST: A Story of Continued Faith in the Midst of Trials

Dr. Mabry does it again with a fantastic storyline, engaging characters, and action-packed into his newest book.  I'll be honest, though, I wanted to quit reading it at one point!  Let me explain...

The story unfolds with Matt Newman being kidnapped.  The action just rolls on until, holding his breath, he escapes his captors and conceals himself to make a getaway.  But when he slips and falls, winds up in the ER with no memory of what happened, and police questioning him for murder, things get really interesting.
I began to feel at ease knowing that his competent, and attractive, lawyer would get him off this charge, especially with little or no hard evidence.  But when another murder occurs, this time in his own home, and he is charged and booked for narcotics possession while the DA's office builds a case against him for murder, I just couldn't take it!  Matt was such a good, caring man.  He could never have done anything so awful.  I wanted to set the book aside and stop before things got any more horrible for this attractive, caring doctor (Wait!  He's just a character in a book!).
Just like in life, when bad things continue to get worse, and I want to push them aside so I don't have to see, I simply couldn't walk away, though.  I had to read to the end, knowing that God would see this character through.

Dr. Mabry does an amazing job of weaving the realities of life into his book and characters.  He carefully, vividly, eloquently, and very matter-of-factly shows that when things seem bad, sometimes they get worse.  But God is always in control and sees us through when we believe in faith that He will!   I'm glad I read the rest of the book--you will love the ending!!

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